News & Updates

September 2018


We are all pumped up with the level of interest for Marshall’s ground breaking IoTQ technology at IMTS 2018. Seen here are Marshall CEO Gaurav Saroop giving a demonstration of Marshall’s Super-Precision CNC Lathe model ALTIUS and SmartCorrect Gauging Stations  to a very engaged Mark Albert, Editorial Director of Modern Machine Shop, the #1 manufacturing magazine in USA.

September 2018


Mr. Rich Geary, president of INSIZE appreciating Marshall’s SmartCorrect!

September 2018


Marshall team is all geared up and excited to welcome visitors and potential customers and dealers at our booth! More than a 114,000 people are expected to visit this year’s IMTS, where latest in technology, machine optimization and much more will be on display.

July 2018

  We are happy to inform you that our demo CNC Lathe & SmartCorrect Gauging Stations have been dispatched to Chicago for IMTS 2018! Visit our booth on Level 2 of East Building for live demonstrations of:
  • Hard Turning (to replace Grinding) on our Super-Precision CNC Lathe model ALTIUS
  • Measurement & Auto-correction done by SmartCorrect, plugged into the machine, producing 100% correct parts every time without involvement of an Operator.
  • 1st part OK every time with our SmartCut cycle using Tool Insert Change on our Smart, super-optimized machine.
  • MARSHALL’s IoTQ (Internet of Things for Quality)
  • SmartInsert for insert life optimization
  • Smartchek for automated machine health check.
We look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

August 2018

Stop by to say hello and also see a live demo of our Smart ‘Plug & Play’ Technologies that work with legacy CNC Lathes/Turning Centers of any make or vintage, as long as they are in good working condition. Also learn more about our concept of IoTQ (Internet of Things for Quality) and how our proprietary smart manufacturing technologies can transform your machine shops, ensuring Zero defect production, higher OEE and higher profits.Our proprietary Smart 

Manufacturing Technologies at the core of IoTQ:
Zero Defect Production (SmartCorrect),
Optimized Tool Life (SmartInsert)
Automated Checkups for Machine Breakdown Prevention (SmartCheck)

July 2018

Glimpse of Amtex 2018. We had a tremendous footfall. The visitors were amazed by our Super Optimised Machines, Automation Options and most importantly Smart Features.

June 2018

Glimpes of our booth at ACMEE Chennai. We invite you to visit us at ACMEE INDIA 2018 @Stall # 10,Hall E, Chennai Trade Centre, from 21st - 25th June 2018 to witness Live Demos of our Smart Machines.

May 2018

Marshall Parivaar thanks Honda Team for their kind acceptance and Inaugurating the "UBER Smart Technology Show'' @ Marshall IoTQ Centre, Manesar on 27th April and Guests for appreciating our Smart Technologies.

March 2018

"UBER Smart Technology Show'' at our IoTQ Centre where we Launched UBER with SmartLoad and visitors appreciated our smart Technologies and were amazed with UBER with Smart Load.

March 2018

We are delighted to share Glimpse of "UBER Smart Technology Show'' at our IoTQ Centre where our Guest of Honour, Mr Ravi Kr. Pasipaty,Plant Head, Hero Motocorp and the guests appreciated our Smart Technologies on live display.

February 2018

We are pleased to launch our Patented  Smart Twinturn UBER (Two Spindles with Independent Slides),India's most Advanced CNC Chucker which delivers unmatched performance at MACH AUTO EXPO 2018,Ludhiana

February 2018

We at Marshall pleased to Invite you and your colleagues and look forward to welcoming you to our stand and see 'WHY INDIAN Manufacturing Needs Transformation Today ..& How to Do IT !!!' at MACH Auto Expo 2018

Jan. 2018

2018 has started with a BANG for Marshall with the launch of 'TWINTURN Uber',  India's most advanced & productive DOUBLE Spindle CNC Chucker which delivers unmatched Performance for its Price.

December 2017

Here's A Glimpse of Engimach 2017 at Gandhi Nagar Gujrat where Visitors appreciated  the Smart technologies on Live Display that can TRANSFORM manufacturing !!!!

Nov. 2017

We at Marshall organised In-house Seminar from 9th-11th November @ IoTQ (Internet of Things for Quality) Center in IMT Manesar (Gurgaon)  & Guests Appreciated our Super Optimised CNC Turning Centres & Smart Technologies on Live Display.

Oct. 2017

'Seminar was conducted on 14th October , 2017 by us in KASSIA ( Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association '. The topic was ' Why Indian Industry needs transformation today and how to do it ? '. Our Seminar was attended by good number of members of KASSIA, Bengaluru and few of them were Opinion Leaders in market. '  This even was hailed as very useful by the people who attended it '

October 2017

Marshall is pleased to announce the Inauguration of its new, revamped IoTQ (Internet of Things for Quality) Center in IMT Manesar (Gurgaon) for explaining WHY Indian Manufacturing needs Transformation... and for demonstrating HOW this can be done in the fastest, most economical manner. Six ' Knowledge Booths' have been erected, each explaining one concept/technology in a simple manner with the help of pictures, graphs and case studies. This is Marshall's contribution to the ' Make in India' effort. 

October 2017

Guests of Honour Mr Mangesh Kulkarni Sr. VP Bharat Forge, Pune & Mr Basavaraj Javali, Vice President of KASSIA (Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association) also appreciated Marshall's 'Smart' technologies & efforts to ensure success of ' Make in India'. 

October 2017

Marshall IoTQ Center was inaugurated on 6th October by Chief Guest Sh. Yogesh Munjal (MD Munjal Showa Ltd.) who deeply appreciated the initiative taken by Marshall in setting up a permanent exhibition center with Live Demos to explain how IoTQ (Internet of Things for Quality), its proprietary, patent-applied Industry 4.0 technology boosts OME (Overall Manufacturing Efficiency) and leads to profits & peace of mind!  

October 2017

Marshall is pleased to introduce OME - Overall Manufacturing Efficiency which is  a product of Real OEE (R-OEE) and Quality Impact Index (QII).

We are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to In-House Exhibition " OM
E-PREDICTOR of Profits, Competitiveness & Growth!" on 5-6th October at MARSHALL IoTQ Center, 75-B, Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

August 2017

Marshall participated in Delhi Machine Tool Show 2017 held at Delhi from 10th August to 13th August 2017.

August 2017

Marshall organised OPEN HOUSE held at IoTQ Center, Manesar, Gurgoan from 3rd August to 4th August 2017.

July 2017

CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) organized a conference on “Achieving Excellence in Manufacturing” in Chandigarh on 21st July where many eminent experts and top management of leading Engineering companies shared views on importance of Automation, Zero Defect Production &  adoption of ‘Industry 4.0″ standards.
Mr. Gaurav Sarup, MD Marshall Machines spoke to an engaged audience about Marshall’s patent pending IoTQ, a ‘plug in’ technology that makes any legacy CNC machine ‘Smart’ with its three core technologies:

July 2017

Marshall organised a OPEN HOUSE held at IoTQ Center, Manesar, Gurgoan from 6th July to 7th July 2017.

May 2017

NIQR (National Institute for Quality & Reliability) conducted a day long Program ‘Quality for Industry 4.0’ in Gurgaon at Hotel Crown Plaza on 27th May. MARSHALL was invited to conduct one session on its path-breaking technology IoTQ (Internet of Things for Quality).

May 2017

Marshall has successfully applied the concepts of Industry 4.0 (pioneer in Germany) and IoT : Internet of Things (pioneered in USA) to create IoTQ : Internet of Things for Quality and set up INDIA 's first Center to give LIVE Demos - Hosted Great Event and Lots of Visitors appreciated these Smart technologies on Live Display that can TRANSFORM manufacturing !!!!

April 2017

We at Marshall invite you to our IoTQ Center @ Manesar on 6th & 7th April to see Smart Technologies TRANSFORM your Machine Shop.

March 2017

Marshall organised a OPEN HOUSE held at IoTQ Center, Manesar, Gurgoan from 9th March to 10th March 2017.

Feb. 2017

Marshall Machines @ Mach Auto Expo-2017 displaying Smart Technologies

Jan. 2017

''Marshall ' wins the FIE Foundation National Award for it's path breaking concept of 'IoTQ ' Internet of Things for Quality. It is a 'Super OPTIMIZED Factory Management Framework'

Jan. 2017

Marshall Showcased Smart 7 at IMTEX 2017, world’s 5th largest Manufacturing Tech Show, held in Bangalore, India from Jan 26, 2017 – Feb 1, 2017. Smart 7 are super-optimized CNC Turning Solutions that give a BIG jump in Productivity & Quality. 

Dec. 2016

Marshall participated in Forgetech India held at Gurgaon from 3 Dec. 2016 to 4 Dec. 2016

Nov. 2016

Marshall participated in Rajkot Machine Tool Show 2016 at Rajkot from 23rd Nov. to 26th Nov. 2016.

Aug. 2016

Marshall inaugurated their new office at  AIEMA Tower, 1st Main Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai

Mr Prashant Sarup, Director Marshall with Fanuc India  President & CEO Ms Sonali Kulkarni at Engimach 2015, Gandhinagar

 Marshall participated in Engimech Exhibition 2015,an International Trade Fair for Machine tools and Engineering at Gandhi Nagar,Gujrat(3rd December 2015 to 7th December 2015)

Mr Gaurav Sarup,Director Marshall with his team surrounded by Marshall Machines at inauguration of Shivam Autotech,Kolar,Karnataka Plant 

  Marshall had a good display of wide variety of machines at Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2015,Pragati Maidan(From 20th August to 23rd August 2015)

Marshall delivers complete Automated Solution for Pinion to Echjay Industries, Rajkot.

Marshall Observed "Rajasthan Day" at Tech Centre. It received a large number of visitors from bearing industries in Jaipur and auto component manufacturers from Neemrana,Bawal,Bhiwadi and Alwar ,who appreciated the technology on display.

Marshall at Hannover Messe 2015 as a part of PM Narender Modi’s “Make in India” campaign.

Citius,Altius,Fortius production ramped up at new "World Class" assembly area.

Marshall won the FIE Foundation National Award (For The Third Time) for Our Automation Integration with Intelligence.

Citius being launched by Dr. Y. Inaba, Chairman, Fanuc-Japan

Marshall Display at IMTEX 2015 took Turning to a new level, Never Seen Before and received huge response from Indian and Overseas visitors.